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I'm not perfect yet
Fear no evil
I wish
Levels of faith
All things work together
It's not enough{obey}
Hurting people
Honer your parents
A beautiful life
Because He Is, I am
Been forgiven
Been redeemed
Been with Jesus 2
Been with Jesus
Behold the Risen Savior
Believers are just normal people
Blessed be the Name
Building a marriage
Bright and morning star
Can do all things 
Confession is important
Count it joy
Dabbling into the occult
Don't step out
Don't let Satan steal your joy
Don't you even think
Don't think you're not important
Driving down the road
Each one
Everyone has a gift
Everything starts with Jesus
Evil Desires
Evil powers
Evil will effect you
Express my soul
Eyes on Jesus
Face the fact
Faith being tested 
Faith is
Fallen angles

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                  Richard Dottery presents: 






  {MySignature Poem}                                     
I'm Not Perfect Yet
If you see me make a mistake
You see me, do something wrong, my dear
My God's the only one that's perfect
Not me, not yet, not here,
Cause you see, He's still working on me
And He's working from within
Changing my heart, my mind, my spirit
So I won't want to sin,
And though, sometimes I may
Stumble and trip and maybe fall
My Lord is always there to catch me
Lift me up, brush me off and all,
And when I catch myself
And I'm about to do what's wrong, and not right
I simply ask my Lord for strength
His power, is out of sight,
And when I need His leadership
My conscience tells me clear
Cause with His Holy Spirit, within me
I have nothing, at all to fear,
And if I do something that's wrong
The guilt, just pains me so
My Saviour, gives me His Grace and a hug
And says, it's OK, I TOOK CARE OF IT
Richard Dottery
Copyright ©2010 Richard Dottery

Fear No Evil
Fear no evil in this life 
With Jesus by your side
Your faith will get you through it all
If in Him, you do abide,
Your visions and your goals 
Can put some limits in you now
But in faith you ask and trust
Seeing God’s best and how,
There is no need to fear this day
Or what is yet to come
God will get you through it all
With grace and strength, so get you some,
God is not, the author of fear
It comes from another one
So cast it out, In Jesus Name
And start having some fun.
Richard Dottery
Copyright ©2010 Richard Dottery 
    I Wish
    I wish I had the Grace and dignity 
    Pleasing, to God above
    Always to walk in His Will
    Living in His, Perfect Love,
    Inspired by God’s Spirit
    To live and proclaim His Precious Word
    No I’m not quite there yet
    In case you haven’t heard
    But in The Name Of My Lord
    And in His grace and might
    I write what God puts in my heart
    Truth In Poetry, is in your sight,
    Just the message of His Word
    And of His Spirit too
    Which has already been recorded
    The Living Word, He’s True.
    Richard Dottery
    Copyright ©2010 Richard Dottery 
    Levels Of Faith
    Levels of Faith are present
    Listen and you’ll know
    And find the Faith to live with
    As on through this life, you go,
    Level one is the laboring Faith
    Struggling to survive
    Reaching out with many questions
    Though struggling, we will arrive,
    Level two is of the reaching Faith
    Asking as we trust
    And reaching out by faith to God above
    Confident, trusting is a must,
    Level three is perfect resting Faith
    Standing, trusting, leaning
    On God and His Word as trueWalking in The Spirit,truth in meaning,
    All anxiety and doubting gone away
    We just trust and rest, the whole way through
    That God above has His interest
    My frirnd, in me and you.
    Richard Dottery
    Copyright ©2010 Richard Dottery 
    All Things, Work Together For Good
    All things are working, together for good
    In our lives, each and every day
    That's why we need, to Walk by Faith 
    It's easier, that way,
    Cause God, is The Leader 
    He has our life, in His master plan
    And when we step, outside of it 
    He moves us back, with His Loving Hand,
    He turns around, the troubles 
    Problems, and all such
    And makes them work, together for good
    With His Loving, Caring Touch,
    So just Love Him, and Trust Him 
    Let His Holy Spirit, guide you through
    There'll be, less problems and stress 
    In everything, that you do,
    So realize, Jesus Really Loves Us 
    And wants us, to have peace and joy
    Which can only come, from Him
    With Obedience, Faith and Trust, Oh boy,
    Always keep Him, close to you 
    And always stay, real close to Him
    Cause He's Our Lord, and Savior 
    The One who paid, for all our sin,
    And if we stay, real close 
    Soon we’ll see Him, this I know
    And how much, He really Cares for us 
    And how much, He Loves Us So.
    Richard Dottery
    Copyright ©2010 Richard Dottery 
    • It’s Not Enough [obey]

    • It’s not enough to Love the Lord
    • You also must obey
    • Cause if you really Love the Lord
    • You’ll want to do, what He does say,

    • Love and obedience 
    • Go hand and hand in life
    • If you don’t believe me
    • Go ahead and ask my wife,

    • It’s not enough to speak with words 
    • Your action must show too
    • What’s in your heart and in your mind
    • That is, the real true you,

    • So if you really Love the Lord
    • No doubt, you will obey
    • Cause actions speak louder than all your words
    • They will out-you, any day.

    • Richard Dottery
    • Copyright ©2010 Richard Dottery 
    • ***************************************************************************

    • Hurting People

    • People hurting in their heart
    • Their soul becomes depressed
    • So much trouble in  this world
    • So much pain and so much stress,

    • Heavy hearts with much trouble
    • Can there be, for them relief
    • Help is just a prayer away
    • Through Trust in Jesus and Belief,

    • Miracles still happen
    • Prayer answers, still do come
    • Want to see some today
    • Ask, Believe, you may see some,

    • The God of Love and Caring
    • Who gave for us, His Only Son
    • No, He’s not too busy
    • Ask, believe, You will see one.

    • Richard Dottery
    • Copyright ©2010 Richard Dottery 
    • **************************************************************************
    • Honor Your Parents


      It honors me and blesses me

      So very, very much

      To know that my children, walk in The Truth

      Of Jesus, and Love God, oh so much,


      Just to know they walk, in truth and honesty

      With God's Truth, by there side

      That they live there life in Jesus

      And in Him, they do abide,


      And to know that they are faithful to their partners

      And that they are honest, discreet and fare

      And that they live as God leads them

      In Jesus Christ, through His Holy Spirit, there,


      And though they are not perfect

      In Jesus Christ, they are

      Saints of God, born again, forgiven

      Better off by far,


      And so, to all of my children

      Husbands, wives, grandchildren, too

      I tell you cause I know

      Walk with God, He'll always be there for you.


      Richard Dottery

      Copyright ©2010 Richard Dottery

    • *************************************************************************

       A beautiful life


      God so Loved, in Grace

      He brings, new life to me and you

      Through Jesus Christ, His Only Son

      Come and find it, oh so true,


      Giving freely, unto you and me

      A life, that’s everlasting and fulfilling

      In Jesus Christ, you’ll find it

      Oh WOW, this is so thrilling,


      To have Almighty, All Powerful God

      Smother you with, His Grace and Love

      Engulf you, in His Joy and Peace

      Sent down, from heaven above,


      Reach out and just receive it

      It’s there, just for the taking

      Eternal Life, with happiness

      This Beautiful Life, that He is making.


      Richard Dottery

      Copyright ©2010 Richard Dottery

    • *************************************************************************



      They say, beauty is skin deep

      Not the color, or the shade

      But the adorning, of the person

      Some, could be man-made,


      So look, a little deeper

      To see, what you can see

      Find out, if this dear person

      Has any, inner real beauty,


      Cause beauty, could be hard to live with

      If it's vain, and self centered so

      So find yourself a real, true beauty

      One whom, you can live with

      In love and peace, and happy as you go.


      Richard Dottery

      Copyright ©2010 Richard Dottery

    • *********************************************************************************

      Because He Is, I Am


      Because He is, I am

      Alive, and doing well

      A child of God, in Jesus Christ

      I know it, I can tell,


      Because He is, I am

      Living, free from fear

      Though there’s darkness, all around me

      I can see, The Way, real clear,


      Because He is, I am

      Living in His Grace, Cleansed and Forgiven

      Thanks Dear Lord, I Thank You

      For this Life, in you, I’m liven,


      Because He is, I am

      Giving Praise, both night and day

      And all is going well, in Him

      I know all, will be OK.


      Richard Dottery

      Copyright ©2010 Richard Dottery

    • *****************************************************

      Been Forgiven


      I, have been forgiven

      Been cleansed, from sin set free

      And it’s all, because of Jesus Christ

      And what He did, on Calvary, 


      And though, I didn’t deserve it

      It’s there, for me it’s true

      All I have to do, is Receive it

      And His Forgiveness, comes flowing through,


      Don’t need, to prove a thing

      It’s not a trial, nor a test

      All I do, is Believe on Jesus Christ

      And God, does all the rest,


      I’ve been Forgiven, How bout you

      Do you know, that you’re forgiven too

      And all you need to do, is receive it

      By Trusting Jesus, That’s all you do.


      Richard Dottery

      Copyright ©2010 Richard Dottery

    • **************************************************************

      Been Redeemed


      Once we, were dead in sin

      And condemned, to go to hell

      But now, in Christ, we’ve Been Redeemed

      We’re forgiven, and all is well,


      Nothing, is held against us

      Though His enemy’s, we once used to be

      But now, all things are new in Christ

      His Saints, forgiven and set free,


      We have, this great position

      As believers, one and all

      Who’ve come to God, in Jesus Christ

      And answered, His clear call,


      Saints, not because we’re perfect

      But because, He made us so

      In Jesus Christ, we’re saints of God

      Which can never change, I know.


      Richard Dottery

      Copyright ©2010 Richard Dottery

    • *****************************************************************


      Been With Jesus [ 2 ]


      If you see, some people

      That seem, to be so smart

      If they seem, to be so happy

      With joy flowing, from their heart,


      They must, have been with Jesus

      Cause, I want to tell you so

      Anyone that's, been with Jesus

      Is a new person, this I know,


      Jesus, is our Savior

      Our Lord and yet, our Friend

      He will always, be right by your side

      Throughout your life, all to the end,


      So if, you don't know Jesus

      Listen, I'll tell you what to do

      Receive Him, as your Lord and Savior

      And He'll, surely change you, too,


      Confess your sin, believe on Him

      Make Him, Lord of your life

      He'll bring you peace, and joy and happiness

      And take away, all fear and strife.


      Richard Dottery

      Copyright ©2010 Richard Dottery

    • *********************************************************************

    • Been With Jesus Christ

    • If you want, to follow Jesus

      And you want, to walk in Light

      Then receive Him, and believe on Him

      And keep Him close, and in your sight,


      Cause people, can take knowledge

      When you, have been with Him

      Cause He does, a lot more for us

      Than just, forgive our sin,


      He will change, your walking, talking

      And make you, all anew

      And even charge, His  Migthy Angles

      To watch, and care for you,


      He will send, His Holy Spirit

      To dwell, within your life, your soul

      And all that, can do nothing less

      Then change your life, and make you whole.


      Richard Dottery

      Copyright ©2010 Richard Dottery

    • ***********************************************************




      THE CHRIST of GOD, was HE

      Paying, an awesome price

      To Redeem the Souls, of you and me,


      Suffering in agony, Shed HIS Blood

      Though not a bone of His, was broken

      Silent, upon The Cross, He died

      Hardly a Word, was spoken,


      Except, to ask forgiveness

      For those, who were inflicting, all this pain

      And to remind us, God Forsook Him

      As He bore our sin, in all it’s shame,


      And to declare, to the believing thief, with Him

      Today, my friend, you shall be

      With me, in the paradise Of God

      Where I am going, you will see,


      Salvation bought and paid for

      What an awesome price, Jesus did pay

      All because, He who knew no sin

      Became sin, on Calvary’s Cross for us, that day.


      Richard Dottery

      Copyright ©2010 Richard Dottery

    • **********************************************************************



      Let me tell you something people

      That I think you ought to know

      Born again believers are

      Just normal people, I tell you so,


      They don't walk around hands folded

      Head bowed in constant prayer

      They're absolutely normal

      Just have Jesus, living in there,


      And though they try to live

      And do what's right, faithful and true

      I tell you here my friend, that they're

      Not much more different, than you,


      It's just that they love God

      And His Son Jesus, oh so much

      Want God active in there life

      Cause they love Him, and His loving touch.


      Richard Dottery

      Copyright ©2010 Richard Dottery




      Blessed be The Name of Almighty God

      The Father, up above

      And Jesus Christ, His Only Son

      Sent down to earth, in Awesome Love,


      Blessed be The Father, His Holy Spirit

      And of course, His Dear Son

      The Blessed Holy Trinity

      Together, They’re just One,


      Blessed be The God of Abraham

      For His Faithfulness we see

      Working in the lives of all His People

      Fulfilling His will and His Promises, to be,


      Blessed be The God of Heaven

      So Holy and Forgiving

      Blessed be The Father of Jesus Christ

      For this life, that we are living,


      Blessed be The Creator and Sustainer

      Of us and all we see

      Visible and invisible

      All was made by and belongs to He,


      Blessed be Jesus Christ, Our Saviour

      The Father, Holy Spirit, all in One, all Three




      Richard Dottery

      Copyright ©2010 Richard Dottery


      Building A Marriage


      If you want to build, that marriage

      This is what, you need to do

      Communicate, with love and caring

      Talk and cry together, yes, and laugh too,


      Be tolerant, with each other

      Let transparency, help you through

      With truthfulness, and honesty

      This marriage, is sure to last for you,


      Spend some quality time, together

      Learning in truth, to communicate

      And be forgiving, and so patient

      And never let yourself, get irate,


      Keep an attitude, of thankfulness

      For a true partner, you can trust

      Being quick, to forgive and forget

      Those hurt feelings, it’s a must.


      Richard Dottery

      Copyright ©2010 Richard Dottery



      Bright And Morning Star


      He's the Word Of God

      The Saviour, the Bright

      And Morning Star


      The Creator of the Universe

      Come from heaven

      To earth so far,


      Believe, receive

      Accept Him

      Before it is too late


      Cause without Him

      As your Saviour

      You'll na'r get thru the gate.


      Richard Dottery

      Copyright ©2010 Richard Dottery


        Can Do All Things


      I can do all things, through Christ

      As He Strengthens, and Empowers me

      As long as it, is in His Will

      And in His plan, that He has for me, you see,


      Cause of course, He knows The Future

      The Present and The Past

      With Strength and Love, and Power in Jesus Christ

      That just can’t help, but last,


      Giving me Peace and Help, and Happiness

      And Victory, in my life to be

      Living in God, and for God in Christ

      Just try it, and you’ll see.


      Richard Dottery

      Copyright ©2010 Richard Dottery


      Confession Is Important


      If you want to enjoy sweet fellowship with God

      And have peace without, within

      Then you must learn to Walk By Faith

      And avoid a life of sin,


      If there is any sin in your life confess it

      Get it forgiven and cleansed and washed away

      Have it put under the Blood Of Jesus

      And seek His overcoming strength every day,


      Cause God won't fellowship with sin

      And though He Loves us so

      We need to get the sin out of our life

      He gives us Grace, and Strength to go


      So don't let that sin, rule and ruin your life

      Don't let it get a grip, I say

      Confess it and seek God's Strength and Forgiveness

      Get up and go on your way.


      Richard Dottery

      Copyright ©2010 Richard Dottery


       Count It Joy


      Count it joy, as you encounter trials

      And testing, they’re to be

      Cause, the testing of your Faith, produces endurance

      Today, tomorrow, and throughout all eternity,


      Keep your confidence, in God above

      Through Jesus Christ and just know

      That He, will help your Faith mature

      Achieve, victory as you go,


      Never, letting you be tested

      More than you, can handle clearly

      God and you, can overcome

      And find the victory, sincerely,


      Run this race, with discipline

      And with Jesus, by your side

      And you, will find endurance

      And the strength, to always abide.


      Richard Dottery

      Copyright ©2010 Richard Dottery


       Dabbling Into The Occult


      When you dabble, into The Occult

      Weather willingly, or not

      You invite the invasion, of the spirit world

      That could affect your life, a lot,


      Cause once you’ve invited them, into your life

      I tell you, oh so clearly

      You’ve opened another dimension, of your life

      I tell you, so sincerely,


      Because, the Bible clearly says

      Many false spirits, are in the world today

      That’s why, we must be careful

      And try them, by God’s Word, I got to say,


      To see, if they are of God

      Or of the Devil, true

      Cause take my word, for it friend

      You don’t want those spirits, around you,


      So don’t get into, the spirit world

      It may just possess you, I tell you true

      Cause as you, dabble into it

      It’s getting, control of you.


      Richard Dottery

      Copyright ©2010 Richard Dottery


      Don’t Step Out


      Don’t step out, beyond the boundary’s

      That God, has set for you, so true

      There are points, you may step into

      Where God’s laws, will cover you,


      If you sow, unto the wind

      You’ll reap the whirlwind, oh so clearly

      God has established this, as His unchanging law

      We all will live by, so sincerely,


      He that being often reproved

      And hardeneth his neck, unto God’s prodding clear

      Shall suddenly, be destroyed

      And that without remedy, do you hear,


      So be alert, and attentive

      Unto what, is good and right

      Or you might find yourself, in a big mess

      Reaping judgments, out of sight.


      Richard Dottery

      Copyright ©2010 Richard Dottery


      Don't Let Satan, Steal Your Joy


      Don't let the Devil, steal your Joy

      God gives it freely, sends it down, to you

      From His Heavenly home, He sends Grace and Truth

      Jesus Christ, to get you through,


      God's Joy, is given freely

      And it comes from Him, to us, you see

      So the Devil, can't take it away

      Cause it, didn't come from he,


      Unless of course, you let him

      He can't, be a thief to thee

      Cause if you are, in Jesus Christ

      You belong to Almighty God, you see,


      So resist Him, when he comes to you

      Send him away, in Jesus Name

      Your life, from then on, in Jesus Christ

      Will become anew, not just the same,


      So don't let the devil, steal your joy

      As, so many people do

      Keep him, on the run

      And keep Jesus always, close to you.


      Richard Dottery

      Copyright ©2010 Richard Dottery


      Don't You Even Think


      Don't you even think, for a second

      That you are alone and no one cares

      Cause God Really Loves You So

      Can you believe, He's even numbered, all your hairs,


      He wants us to be happy

      And at peace and doing well

      He Paid An Awesome Mighty Price

      To keep our eternal souls, out of hell,


      He continually pours out, His Love and Grace

      To get us through each day

      And whenever we need and call Him

      He's right there to help us, on our way,


      Keep Him real close by you

      Walking By Prayer And Faith, I say

      Let Him Reassure You, lovingly

      That He's There, close by you every day,


      And that whenever you do, need Him

      He's never far from you

      Bringing His Grace and Strength and Love

      To always get you through.


      Richard Dottery

      Copyright ©2010 Richard Dottery


       Don't Think You're Not Important


      Don't think, you're not important

      In, God's master plan so

      And that other "big names"

      Are more important, as they go,


      God's not a respecter, of persons

      Absolutely not, I tell you, oh so clearly

      Eternal rewards, await us all, In Jesus Christ

      He's assured us, so sincerely,


      And though, there is a Judgment Seat

      And rewards, even crowns of gold, will be given

      We all are what we are, by the Grace of God

      And it is in His Grace, that daily, we are living,


      And those, who have great responsibilities

      In, God's Kingdom So

      Have been given the ability, the place, the time

      Even the circumstances, as they did go,


      So the rewards, that we all get

      Belong to God, eternally, you see

      And as we throw those Crowns, at Jesus feet

      We'll realize, no one is important, without HE.


      Richard Dottery

      Copyright ©2010 Richard Dottery 


      Driving Down The Road


      Driving down the road

      Feeling peaceful and free of care

      Not in any, big hurry

      Just going, from here to there,


      Car's are passing by me

      Though I'm going, up to the limit

      Seems like everyone's in a rush

      Just a car, with all kinds of people in-it,


      What's the use of hurrying

      For a second, or a few

      Risking accidents, life and limb

      Of me, as well as you,


      Seeing the stop light, up ahead

      I'm meeting them all, up there and then

      We're impatiently waiting, together

      Just waiting, to rush off again.


      Richard Dottery

      Copyright ©2010 Richard Dottery


       Each One


      Each breath, that we take

      With air, that’s given from God above

      So when, this life is over

      It returns, unto Him in Love,


      Each step we take, the walk we walk

      Should be guided, in The Way

      By, His Holy Spirit

      Who is with us, night and day,


      Each Word we speak, in Kindness

      And in Peace, as it should be

      Is a reflection, of our Lord and Savior

      Who lives and dwells, inside of you and me,


      Each life, that’s lived, today

      In God’s, Perfect Will

      Is a life, that is in Jesus Christ

      Everlasting, Eternal, going on still.


      Richard Dottery

      Copyright ©2010 Richard Dottery


      Emotions {change of life} 

      I still have my own emotions

      As imperfect, as they may be

      And yet, I'm dealing with

      The women I love

      And her change of life, you see,

      Deep swings of raw emotion

      First up, then down real low

      Sometimes I feel like hiding

      But I feel like, she needs me so,

      As we go through this together

      I just look for the pendulum swing

      Back again, to the kind

      Happy one I love

      And times of refreshing, to bring,

      When the emotions are unsettled

      Don't offer to try to help, just then

      Instead look ahead, for them to go

      And her peace to return again.


      Richard Dottery

      Copyright ©2010 Richard Dottery 


       Everyone Has a Gift


      Everyone has a gift

      Given from God above, I tell you true

      What is yours, Have you found it

      Bestowed from God, unto you,


      Could be, simply motherhood or fatherhood

      Young souls, to nourish and help through

      Those young and hard and difficult years

      In which they need someone

      To guide them in God, true,


      Use your gift, so wisely

      And God, will Bless You truly

      With a good long life, in Jesus Christ

      Which He, affords you dewily,


      Gifts to keep, the Good News moving on

      And God’s will, through Jesus Christ each day

      Gifts to further, The Kingdom of God on earth

      The Salvation of Souls, along the way.


      Richard Dottery

      Copyright ©2010 Richard Dottery


      Everything, Starts With Jesus Christ


      Everything, Starts With Jesus Christ

      The Love, The Peace, The Grace

      Eternal Life, is in Him

      Let Him, set your pace,


      He is, The Way, The Only Way

      He is, The Real True Light

      Through Love, and Peace and Grace

      Your Salvation, is in Sight,


      He is, God’s Son, The Only Son

      Who offers, unto you and me

      Forgiveness and Redemption

      Even Adoption, into His Family,


      He is, God’s Word, The Living Word

      Receive Him and you’ll see

      Salvation, bought and paid for

      True Life, Eternally.


      Richard Dottery

      Copyright ©2010 Richard Dottery


      Evil Desires


      Evil people, seek evil desires

      While others seek, what’s good and right

      With Help from God above

      With strength and guidance, that’s out of sight,


      Pleasures, for a moment

      Can destroy, your soul for you

      Never, being satisfied

      Or content, your whole life through,


      Find inner peace, and contentment

      And lasting pleasure, forevermore

      Wait until you see, in Jesus Christ

      What God, has for us in store,


      No comparison, to the present

      If we just Trust Him, we will see

      Beautiful Things, Unimaginable Things

      He has for us, eternally.


      Richard Dottery

      Copyright ©2010 Richard Dottery 


       Evil Power's


      Evil is a very powerful force

      In the world today

      If you're not alert, it could overcome you

      As you go on your way,


      It's just that, we're no match for it

      In our strength and might

      But in the Power and Strength, In Jesus Name

      The odds change, they're outta sight,


      Cause you have to realize, In Jesus Name

      There's awesome Power, Authority and Might

      It will make those evil oppressive forces

      Flee from you, morning, noon and night,


      But you gotta stay close to Jesus

      So that, His Power is in your hand

      That you can overcome those evil powers

      Be a force, for good across this land.


      Richard Dottery

      Copyright ©2010 Richard Dottery




      If you're around evil, too much

      It will, affect you so

      It will affect, your decision making

      And your judgments, as you go,


      Because, that spirit of evil

      That's so prevalent, in this world you see

      Will, if we are not careful

      Even affect, the lives of you and me,


      So stay real close, to Jesus

      And around those, who are good and right

      Keep that, Holy Spirit with you

      Cause He's the one, that you want in sight.


      Richard Dottery

      Copyright ©2010 Richard Dottery


       Express My Soul


      My soul, needs to express

      What my lips, can not display

      Of LOVE and PRAISE and THANKS

      Of GRATITUDE, for YOU today,


      Things hard, to articulate

      Through my heart, and spirit too

      Expressions of, MY LOVE, DEAR GOD

      With PRAISE and THANKS, I have for YOU,


      So from My Soul, and In My Spirit


      In TRUTH, I send these Thoughts and Words of PRAISE



      Richard Dottery

      Copyright ©2010 Richard Dottery


       Eyes on JESUS


      Keep your eyes, on JESUS

      Don’t weave to one side or the other

      No matter what, is going on

      Eyes on JESUS, not one another,


      Not even, on the circumstances

      Whatever, come what may

      Just keep your eyes, on Jesus

      And then Trust and Watch and Pray,


      Cause He is, your deliver

      And your source, you have to know

      He’s in control, so Trust Him

      He’ll show you, what to do and which way to go,


      So relax, and keep your eyes on Jesus

      He’ll be there for you, you’ll see

      Working out, all things for good

      The way, they ought to be.


      Richard Dottery

      Copyright ©2010 Richard Dottery


      Face The Fact


      Face the fact, that it is over

      Go on, in Peace and Be

      Separated, as Christians

      As you know, your God can see,


      It’s Him, you want to please

      And His favor, you want to win

      Let the past, be past

      And let the healing, now begin,


      No need, to get even

      Though you may feel, angry, disheartened and hurt

      God can make you, be at Peace

      Even living, on a pile of dirt,


      So activate, The Faith, within you

      And let Jesus, walk you through

      And your Peace and Joy, will return real soon

      As Christ stays, right there with you.


      Richard Dottery

      Copyright ©2010 Richard Dottery


      Faith Being tested


      Our Faith, being tested, becomes stronger

      And more stable, watch and see

      Cause when we’re, weak we’re strong

      In Jesus Christ, it has to be,


      In our loss, and sorrow

      And suffering, here today

      You see God, being noticed

      In many lives, in a special way,


      Faith is, becoming stronger

      Some who’ve forgotten God, have come to see

      He is, a God of Love and Caring

      Here to help and strengthen, all in He,


      So let go of, that desperation

      That fear and torment, let it go

      And find comfort, in our Heavenly Father

      Through Christ, I tell you, cause I know.


      Richard Dottery

      Copyright ©2010 Richard Dottery


      Faith Is


      Now faith is the substance

      Of the things

      You know believing


      And you know the answer

      Is so true

      Cause our God's not deceiving,


      It's that assurance in your heart

      That you know

      That He is true


      And that you know

      He keeps His promises

      He's made, to me and you,


      You know the answer's coming

      Though as yet

      You may not see


      Every fiber of your being

      Tells you

      Yes, this thing will be!!



      Richard Dottery

      Copyright ©2010 Richard Dottery


      Fallen Angels


      Fallen angels from the sky

      Fallen angels from above

      Fallen angels, why oh why

      Fallen angels, out of God's Special Love,


      Fallen angels, condemned to hell

      What have you gained, and how

      Lost thru rebellion, with Satan

      Fallen angels, where are you now,


      Fallen angels, from God's Grace you gone

      Fallen angel, you foolish one

      Fallen angel, how could it be

      Left your calling, beyond the sun,


      Fallen angel, you've sealed your fate

      Why did you rebel, what did you do

      You followed Satan, now it's too late

      Fallen angel, there's no hope for you,


      Fallen angel, foolish angel you

      Fallen angel, created by God above

      To follow His orders, and serve Him

      To act and serve, in His Awesome Love,


      Fallen angel, there's no second chance

      Fallen angel, your judgment awaits you

      Cause you rebelled, with Satan there

      Eternal judgment, you must go through,


      Fallen angel, what did you do

      There's no Salvation, no Forgiveness for you

      Fallen angel, I feel sorry for you

      Fallen angel, eternal judgment to go through.


      Richard Dottery

      Copyright ©2010 Richard Dottery



             Hope you got blessed by the poetry!!

                  Hi, I'm Richard Dottery. I write poetry, mostly Christian. 
    God has blessed me with a gift to write and so I do.   
                 I am not perfect nor do I claim to be and I certainly am not infalable.                                                                                                                                                                                        
               I am just a sinner saved and changed  by the Grace of God, 
    through a living trusting Faith in Jesus Christ. If you are a Christian 
    you know what I'm talking about, if not I invite you to read on, this 
    may be the most important day of your life.     
               I am a graduate of Baptist Bible Collage, Springfield, Mo.
     I have a degree in Theology and Pastoral Studies.I know 
    the Word of God and The God that wrote it. In my poetry 
    I try to present the truths of God's Word, for the edification 
    and spiritual growth of believers. I also write to show ones 
    The Way of Salvation and how to find Jesus as their personal Savior.

    This sight is not all about me!

            IT'S ALL ABOUT THE LOVE OF GOD FOR FALLEN MAN                    

         IT'S ALL ABOUT JESUS AND HIS-STORY                           



         IT'S ALL ABOUT THE INFALLIBLE WORD OF GOD                  

             IT'S ALL ABOUT THE WAY, THE TRUTH, AND THE LIFE             

           IT'S ALL ABOUT GOD'S REDEMPTION OF MANKIND                


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    Poems: Left side:

    Amazing grace




    Amazing Grace, unheard of

    Imparted from God to thee

    Simply put, it’s all consuming

    To keep us safe and free,

    And walking in The Way

    As The Spirit leads us Through

    A world in such dismay

    God’s gift unto me and you,

    Day by day together

    We don’t have to walk alone

    Instead Jesus walks with us

    He knows the right Way home,

    And so it’s in His Amazing Grace

    That we must walk and be

    A child of God Redeemed

    Forgiven and set free.

    Richard Dottery

    Copyright ©2010 Richard Dottery



    Marriage is 

    Marriage is an institution
    That God ordained, to be
    A union, of a man and woman
    These two, in Love, you see,
    The woman, to be man’s Helpmate
    His Love and his Best Friend
    And the man, to Love her, just the same
    With a Love, that will never end,
    In Patience and in Kindness
    Let these, two Lovers be
    Devoted to each other
    In Trust, and Perfect Harmony,
    And let them build, a Family
    And make, a Home of Love, for all to see
    Two united, in God’s Love
    With Caring and Tenderness, always first to be.
    Richard Dottery
    Copyright ©2001 Richard Dottery

     Marriage Joy And Peace
    Married people, Let that marriage of yours
    To your husband and your wife
    Be a time of joy and peace
    Be the highlight of your life,
    Let there be a time of happiness
    That you both share down here, I say
    Don't let things get in-between you two
    And separate you, along the way,
    Instead be strong, in The Lord
    And together walk with Him
    Then you'll find real peace and joy
    And forgiveness for all your sin,
    So push the world aside, make it you
    And your partner, alone with God day by day
    And you'll find your marriage will work
    And the Love of God ,will guide you, on your way,
    And keep your home a sanctuary
    Keep the world and the devil out of the way
    Let it be a place of peace, joy and love
    Together, every single day.
    Richard Dottery
    Copyright ©2000 Richard Dottery


    Husbands-Wives Love
    Husbands and wives, abide in Love
    As God, exhorts you to
    And keep, the Love Fires burning
    Deep down, inside of you,
    Support each other, be there for each other
    All throughout your life
    Be best friends and lovers
    With that Husband or that wife,
    Let your, friends and family
    And your, children too
    See that Love Of God, in marriage
    Deep down, inside of you,
    Be patient, kind and understanding
    Always giving, in every way
    Tenderhearted and forgiving, in a perfect union
    With each other, night and day.
    Richard Dottery
    Copyright ©2001 Richard Dottery


    Hurtful word
    Some words, can be so hurtful
    Though they may not, be intended so
    But once you let them out of your mouth
    They just go, where they want to go,
    Sometimes, the even dig real deep
    Cutting, like a razor sharp knife
    They even have the power
    To destroy, a persons life,
    So guard your words, carefully
    Before you let them go
    Cause they may do, so much harm
    Depending on what they convey and show,
    And once the words are spoken
    You can't take them back or put them away
    So please, show a little love and kindness
    And be careful what you say.
    Richard Dottery
    Copyright ©2000 Richard Dottery


    Make Love Not War
    Make Love, not war
    It's Godly advice, I say
    I said Love, not sex
    Get the message, here today,
    Love is kind and caring
    And forgiving, all the time
    Love says to a husband-wife
    I'm so glad, that you are mine,
    Love is giving and forgiving
    Slow to anger and slow to judgment, too
    With lots of caring and patience
    Always there, for you,
    Love doesn't hold any grudges
    It's full of peace and grace
    And lots and lots of kindness
    Keeping a smile upon your face.
    Richard Dottery
    Copyright ©2000 Richard Dottery


    Beauty Is

    Beauty is more, than what you see

    Than what, your eyes behold

    It’s all that is, a part of you

    Has been, since times of old,


    It’s your character, and your soul

    And the love, that flows through you

    It’s that caring, tenderheartedness

    And your, physical beauty too,


    It’s not, measured by a scale

    Or by the color, of your eyes or hair

    It’s so much, a part of you

    That it always, remains right there,


    It’s the light that shines, out from inside of you

    Making others, feel at ease

    And a pleasant, sense of humor

    Like a cool, refreshing breeze,


    Yes, beauty, can’t be bought

    Can’t come from a bottle, or an operation

    It can only flow, from a loving soul

    With Jesus Christ, as the inspiration.


    Richard Dottery

    Copyright ©2002 Richard Dottery


    Answers- Just LOVE
    I wish I had, all the answers
    I wish, I really truly knew
    How God above, really thinks and acts and reacts
    In His dealings, with me and you,
    He is, so far above us
    So Righteous, Just, and Holy too
    So much Mightier, so much Greater, so much Wiser
    He can’t be figured out, by me and you,
    But there are, a few Bible principals
    About Him and His Ways, made very clear
    In Jesus Christ, He Loves us, so very much
    You can count on that, down here,
    And He hears and answers
    All our Prayers, whatsoever we Pray
    In Jesus Name, as we ask in Faith, believing
    Be sure the answer, is on the way,
    We know, He wants what is good and best for us
    And toward that goal He’s working night and day
    To be sure that, we are safe and well
    Everything’s gonna be OK.
    Richard Dottery
    Copyright ©2001 Richard Dottery


    Have You Met My Friend
    Have you met my friend named, Jesus
    He's the best, I've ever had
    Closer than a brother
    More caring, than a dad,
    He fills my life with peace and joy
    He even, fills my heart
    He's always there when I need him
    He's been there, from the start,
    He walks and talks and stays with me
    He's always, by my side
    And if I try to hide from Him
    There's no place , I could hide,
    He seems to love me and care for me
    Even more than, I myself, I say
    He's always there to comfort me
    Lift me up, send me on my way,
    He's a friend that's always there for me
    And He will, always, be there for you
    He's loving , caring, forgiving
    And He could be your best friend, too,
    He will change your life
    Forgive your sin and make your life anew
    He will walk and talk
    And stand by you in everything you do.
    Richard Dottery
    Copyright ©2000 Richard Dottery


    A Mother


    She unconditionally, Loves her Children

    No matter what, she’s always, by their side

    Even when, they’re all grown up

    By them, she will abide,


    Even when, they have fallen

    She’s there, to lend a helping hand

    Lead them, down the right road

    Even take them, through the troubled land,


    She knows, no other loyalty

    Like to those, who are her own

    She’ll go into, the gates of hell

    To try, to bring them home,


    Caring, like no other

    Upon this earth, you’ll see

    This woman, they call MOTHER

    She is, true royalty.


    Richard Dottery

    Copyright ©2010 Richard Dottery




    If your friends and family, betray you

    Go to Jesus, for help and comfort now

    He’ll teach you, sweet forgiveness

    And show you how, to have grace and mercy, WOW,


    Be patient and forgiving

    As God is, each day with you

    So should you, be with others

    As God’s Spirit, leads you too,


    Go ahead, help those you love

    Teach them, by example, as God teaches you to do

    How to be understanding, and forgiving

    As Christ is, each day with you,


    And let them see, God’s Only Son

    Living on, through you

    His Holy Spirit, deep within

    All you ever, say and do.


    Richard Dottery

    Copyright ©2010 Richard Dottery


    A Paradox


    I am dead with Christ, yet I live

    A paradox of sorts, you see

    Yet it's not I that live, but Christ

    Living in, and thru me,


    And this life, I live in the flesh

    Which is how, you see me now

    I live by the faith, of the Son of God

    Who Loved me and gave Himself for me, wow,


    I'm alive, and living a new life

    In Christ, my Saviour, you gotta see

    My whole life, is being changed

    Because of Christ's Spirit within me,


    I was buried with Him, in Baptism

    Raised to live in newness of life, with Him

    He does all the hard work

    With His Holy Spirit dwelling within,


    So maybe my life

    Is a paradox of sorts

    But with Christ living in me and thru me

    I won't have to face, God's judgment courts.


    Richard Dottery

    Copyright ©2010 Richard Dottery


     Blessed Be the Name


    Blessed be The Name

    Of Jesus Christ, above

    And of God, Our Saviour

    The Father, of The Son, He sent in Love,


    Blessed be The Name

    A Name, unlike no other

    A Name set aside, for God’s Only Son

    Who adopted us, as His Brother,


    Blessed be The Name

    Every knee will bow, God’s Word does say

    And every tongue, of all mankind

    Will confess Him Lord, one day,


    For some, it will be too late

    There Salvation time, is past

    And the memories, of their rejection of Him

    Will haunt them, and for, eternity last,


    So Blessed, be The Name

    Of The Father and His Only Begotten Son

    Jesus Christ, God in the Flesh

    Let us Praise Him, everyone.


    Richard Dottery

    Copyright ©2010 Richard Dottery


     Breaking Curses


    You can break any curse, In Jesus Name

    Send it back, to the sender

    Cause we have all power, In Jesus Name

    He for us, is the curse ender,


    Take authority, over any curse

    In the Mighty Name Of Jesus, and you'll see

    Non can over-ride, or continue to stand

    In Jesus Power, that He Gives to you and me,


    He is The Creator Of All Things

    Sustainer, Overseer of all, you see

    Preeminent and Authoritative, over all things

    Whether invisible or visible, ever to be,


    His Name is above, all names given

    In heaven and on earth

    And His Power is matched by none

    God In The Flesh, Jesus, By Birth,


    So don't let those curses, bother you

    You Have Authority, to make them flee

    Unmatched Power And Authority, In Jesus Name

    To send all curses, far from thee.


    Richard Dottery

    Copyright ©2010 Richard Dottery


    Building A Marriage


    If you want to build, that marriage

    This is what, you need to do

    Communicate, with love and caring

    Talk and cry together, yes, and laugh too,


    Be tolerant, with each other

    Let transparency, help you through

    With truthfulness, and honesty

    This marriage, is sure to last for you,


    Spend some quality time, together

    Learning in truth, to communicate

    And be forgiving, and so patient

    And never let yourself, get irate,


    Keep an attitude, of thankfulness

    For a true partner, you can trust

    Being quick, to forgive and forget

    Those hurt feelings, it’s a must.


    Richard Dottery

    Copyright ©2010 Richard Dottery


     Building Friendships


    If you want to build, that friendship

    This is what, you need to do

    Communicate, with love and caring

    Talk and cry together, yes, and laugh too,


    Be tolerant, with each other

    Let transparency, help you through

    With truthfulness, and honesty

    This friendship, is sure to last for you,


    Spend some quality time, together

    Learning in truth, to communicate

    And be forgiving, and so patient

    And never let yourself, get irate,


    Keep an attitude, of thankfulness

    For a true friend, you can trust

    Being quick to forgive and forget

    Those hurt feelings, it’s a must.


    Richard Dottery

    Copyright ©2010 Richard Dottery


    Circle of Life


    There is, a circle of Life

    For everyone, I know

    But the ultimate, decision

    Rests with, Almighty God, I tell you so,


    And though, The Keys of death and hell

    Are in and under, His absolute control

    I tell you, you can’t, figure it out

    If you try, it’s sure, to take a mighty toll,


    Death can not, come unto us

    Unless, God allows it, to be so

    It is nothing, to be feared by us

    Cause it’s our way, for us, unto Him to go,


    Cause it’s appointed, unto every man once to die

    And then, comes eternity

    That’s God’s order, for this world

    And for all mankind, watch and see.


    Richard Dottery

    Copyright ©2010 Richard Dottery


    Damnable Lies


    Are your lies, sowing discord

    And making trouble, as they do

    Are they causing, innocents to suffer

    This could get, God mad at you,


    Are they part of, an evil plan

    Being devised, by an evil heart

    Are you quick to, rush to evil

    Which you, and your lies did start,


    Are they bearing, to false witness

    Lies, so cruel to be

    Accusing, the innocent ones

    Who you know, are not guilty,


    Are your hands and heart, so tainted

    With your lies, and the evil it does devise

    That you, can’t help but tell them



    Richard Dottery

    Copyright ©2010 Richard Dottery


     Defying Odds


    Defying, all the odds

    With God alone, you’ll see

    God alone, and Jesus Christ

    Together, with you and me,


    Amazing, all the doctors

    Beyond, their understanding clearly

    You and I, with God in Christ

    Can amaze them all, sincerely,


    How could this, ever be

    Is what, they seem to say

    Anyone, in your condition

    Should not be here, another day,


    And here we are, a Testimony

    To God’s Faithfulness, His Love and Grace, so true

    Today we Live, and go on

    Cause God, smiled down, in Grace, on me and you.


    And said your time, is not done yet

    I still have work, for you both to do

    And so, I’ll spare your life

    And miraculously, pull you through.


    Richard Dottery

    Copyright ©2010 Richard Dottery


     Different Power


    There are different kinds of power

    In the world today

    Power for good and evil

    Working hard, each day,

    There's the Power of love and hate

    God's Love, builds up, so fine

    While hatred just tears down

    All the good of yours and mine,

    There is the Power of living for God

    It's life changing, every day

    While just living for self,

    Brings so much trouble, along the way,

    There is also, the Power of forgiveness

    First God and then through you

    Better than holding a grudge

    And have that eating at you,

    Your whole life thru.


    Richard Dottery

    Copyright ©2010 Richard Dottery


     Dis and Dat


    Dismayed, disappointed, dissatisfied

    Dis is the way, we all feel at times

    When the devil, seems to get the best of us

    Rings our bells, and dings our chimes,


    Rebuke Him, in Jesus Name

    And those, evil spirits too

    And get back, the Peace and Joy, you deserve

    And the contentment, God has promised you,


    Don’t let, this world defeat you

    Nor the devil, and his team

    We have absolute power, over them

    And in Christ, we have great esteem,


    So hold your head, up high

    You’re a child, of The Living God, live free

    Just rejoice, in Jesus Christ

    He has bought, all this and more for thee.


    Richard Dottery

    Copyright ©2010 Richard Dottery



     Don't Mess With God's People


    When people, mess with you

    Don't get, all upset and sad

    Just take that thing, to Jesus

    Best friend, you've ever had,


    Cause if people, mess with us

    Our God will, mess with them

    And by the time, that He gets finished

    You will, be pitying them,


    Cause Our God Loves, and protects us

    And watches out for us, all the time

    Since He has excepted us and given Us His Name

    It's His reputation, not yours or mine,


    God reminds us, we are His

    Bought with a precious price, I say

    The precious Blood of His Only Son

    Has removed, our judgment day,


    God says he will take care of us

    He even charges His Angels so

    He reminds us to leave the vengeance to Him

    As on through life we go,


    So don't get upset when people mess with you

    Just take it up with God, today

    He will surely ,take care of you

    And put them in there place, I say.


    Richard Dottery

    Copyright ©2010 Richard Dottery


    Don't Give Luck The Credit


    Don't give luck the credit

    For what God has done today

    Give the credit, where it's due

    And give it Faithfully, every day,

    Cause luck, can't hear the cries

    That emanate, out from you

    And luck can't ever, answer them

    You know, that this is true,

    Luck stands there, with COINCIDENCE

    And also, with COME WHAT MAY

    But God is there, in Love And Grace

    To here and help, whosoever will, along the way,

    So next time when things go well for you

    Give the Praise and Glory where it's due




    Richard Dottery

    Copyright ©2010 Richard Dottery


     Don't Let People Influence You


    Don't let people influence you

    To do that which you know is wrong

    Instead you should be influencing them, for God

    With a joyful testimony and a joyful song,


    Show them you are different

    God within you making changes

    Walking in new paths, a new life in  Jesus

    Which God sets up and rearranges,


    Let them see your light, so shine

    Taking notice of changes, in your life today

    God in Christ and Christ in you

    Born Again in Jesus, a whole new Way,


    Let them know there is no turning back

    This world, sin and lust, hath lost it's luster

    Let them know , no doubt, In Jesus Name

    You are  an evil spirit, Ghost Buster,


    So don't let people influence you

    To do what's wrong, no never again

    There's too much Power in your Life, In Jesus Name

    And It's An Eternal Life, that will never end.


    Richard Dottery

    Copyright ©2010 Richard Dottery


     Doubts and Fears, No More


    Sometimes I doubt You, Lord

    And fear, just enters into me

    Don’t ask me, why I doubt You

    I know, I should learn

    To Trust You, and wait and see,


    Cause You’ve never, let me down

    Nor ever, failed me yet

    In all my years, of living Lord

    You’d think my Faith, in You

    Would be, clearly set,


    You are always, faithful, Lord

    You always, do come through

    And if I’m, just a little patient, Lord

    I know, I’ll always see, You do,


    So help me, Lord

    To cast, all the doubt and fear away

    To rebuke them, in the Power of Jesus Name

    And know, everything’s gonna be OK.


    Richard Dottery

    Copyright ©2010 Richard Dottery




    Let me tell you something

    That you might, not want to hear

    Something that some people,may feel uncomfortable with

    May even generate some fear,


    There is a word in the Bible, describing conditions

    In the last days, down here

    This word is sorcery, meaning pharmaceuticals

    For fulfilling man’s pleasures and his fear,


    We look at the heroin addict, the coke addict

    Buying on the corner each day

    We point our fingers and jeer

    How sad, this is I say,


    But how-bout all the rest of us

    Buying ours at the corner drugstore, hay

    Are they really much different

    Or is it just the time, the places, the way,


    Cause you see this world is full of drug addicts

    Who are honorable and respectable, too

    Getting there’s by prescription

    From the doctor, thru the drugstore, to you,


    Drugs to make you feel happier

    For pleasure and coping and fun

    Drugs supposedly, to keep you healthier

    And living longer, one by one,


    So many unnecessary drugs

    We put into our bodies every day,

    Is it any wonder, the world's so messed up

    We can't even, find our way,


    You can't find the way in a pill

    Nor life and peace nor happiness or longevity

    Cause Jesus is The Real True Way

    And He is The Only True Life, you see,


    Don't get me wrong, I know

    Some drugs may be necessary for life, for you

    But there's so-many abuses and unnecessary ones

    As if, every problem has a drug solution, too,


    That's a lie of the Devil, Satan's perpetrated , to be true

    Cause peace and joy, and happiness and health

    Can only be found in Jesus Christ

    For this whole world, including me and you.


    Richard Dottery

    Copyright ©2010 Richard Dottery




    White hair, is a sign of aging

    And yet it's so much more

    It indicates the years gone by

    With much wisdom that's in store,


    Cause as one grows older

    And age just takes it's toll

    There's so much experience

    That off, those years does roll,


    The wisdom of an elder

    Should not be taken lightly

    Instead it should be cherished

    Guidance for you to live by, rightly,


    So have respect for your elders

    Let there experiences, benefit, you too

    Seek there help and knowledge

    It may mean less trouble, in life for you.


    Richard Dottery

    Copyright ©2010 Richard Dottery 




    With every temptation, for us

    Our God provides escape, look and see

    So it can't overcome us

    Cause He cares, for you and me,


    He was tempted, like as we are

    In every point, you see

    Yet cause he overcame it

    He offers strength, to you and me,


    We are tempted, when we are drawn away

    In our lust and enticed, you see

    But God has provided for us

    A way out, which can also, set us free,


    So never think any temptation

    Is more than you can bare

    Be strong in The Lord, and look

    Cause there's, a clear way outta there.


    Richard Dottery

    Copyright ©2010 Richard Dottery 


    Everyone Receive Your Healing


    Everyone who came to Jesus

    Received their healing, it is clear

    So why would you think, for a second

    That He won't heal you, now and here,


    Cause He is the same, He never changes

    I tell you, oh so true

    If you ask by faith, believing

    You can have, His Healing too,


    But keep the Faith and keep on Trusting

    Whatever, come what may

    And know, without a doubt

    Absolute Healing, is on the way,


    Even if you don't see the evidence

    See it in your heart and mind, by faith in He

    And know that because God is faithful

    In Jesus Name, your healing will surly be.


    Richard Dottery

    Copyright ©2010 Richard Dottery




    If you're around evil, too much

    It will, affect you so

    It will affect, your decision making

    And your judgments, as you go,


    Because, that spirit of evil

    That's so prevalent, in this world you see

    Will, if we are not careful

    Even affect, the lives of you and me,


    So stay real close, to Jesus

    And around those, who are good and right

    Keep that, Holy Spirit with you

    Cause He's the one, that you want in sight.


    Richard Dottery

    Copyright ©2000 Richard Dottery

     Everything Will Be OK


    God has a way, of telling you

    Everything, will be OK

    He Whispers, to your Spirit

    And His comfort, comes in play,


    He tells you to be patient and keep your trust

    In Him, along the way

    Reassuring you, very forcefully

    That everything, will be OK,


    So wake up, cheer up, get up

    God Is Working, today for you

    He's meeting all those needs

    Giving you His Grace to Guide you through,


    Push away those doubts and fears

    Replace them with what you know today

    God Is In Control, He Loves You

    Everything will be OK.


    Richard Dottery

    Copyright ©2010 Richard Dottery


     Everything Will Be OK 2


    I wish that could just snap my fingers

    And that would make it so

    Instantly make things happen

    Instantly make things go,

    But what I have to realize

    Is the same that goes for you

    Wake up and face reality

    And do, what I gotta do,

    So Walk By Faith and Serve God

    He will help and He'll Guide you

    Help you to get through

    The hard spots

    While He Is Leading You,

    Work at things, be patient

    And Trust The Lord, I say

    And everything will turn out all right

    Yes, everything will be OK.


    Richard Dottery

    Copyright ©2010 Richard Dottery


     Evil Element


    The devil, and his element

    Will affect you, this I know

    So be careful, who you hang with

    And also, where you go,


    Not to be so prideful

    Or a snob, or harsh judger so

    Just live, in your own element

    And Love and Serve Christ, as you go,


    The bar scene, and evil hangouts

    Rowdy places, and all such

    Could very quickly, overwhelm you

    It’s evil influence, is much to much,


    So avoid, the appearance of evil

    Before your life, it does overtake

    And Live and Love, in Jesus Christ

    Your life, a testimony, it will make.


    Richard Dottery

    Copyright ©2010 Richard Dottery


     Evolution or God


    Look around, the whole earth

    Just, open up your eyes and see

    Could this all have, come about

    Through evolution, come on, you're kidding me,


    Even if, just for argument's sake

    Let's say, your evolution theory, is true

    Who started the whole process, Who was

    Before it all, our God, I'll tell you Who,


    If you use the brain, God gave you

    And consider all the facts, carefully

    You can only come to, one fair conclusion

    God made all this, and you and me,


    Cause evolution's, theory

    As outrageous, as it seems to be

    Takes lots more blind Faith, to believe it

    Than The Truth of God, can't you see,


    To think, one could believe

    That from a glob, came you and me

    One that landed on the shore

    After floating, randomly, in the sea,


    Cause man's body and man's brain

    Are more complicated, by far

    Made in God's, likeness and image

    The pride of His creation, that's what we are,


    Even if, you're such a fool

    To believe, evolution, could be true

    Who created, this beautiful earth and

    Awesome, massive universe, come on, tell me Who,


    And where does man's conscience, come from

    That makes him, want to do what's right

    It certainly, is no secret

    It's from Our God, He's out of sight.


    Richard Dottery

    Copyright ©2010 Richard Dottery


     Eyes On The Prize


    We are troubled, on every side

    Yet not distressed, to be

    Perplexed, but not in despair

    Persecuted, yet not forsaken, by He,


    Cast down, but not destroyed

    For which cause, we faint not

    And though, out outward man, may perish

    The inward one, is renewed day by day, a lot,


    And our affliction, which is light

    Lasts just for a moment, as we see

    It works for us, a far more exceeding

    And eternal, weight of God’s Glory,


    While we look not upon, the things we see

    We look at eternal ones, with spiritual eyes in play

    Past the things, that are the temporal

    Which will fade, and pass away.


    Richard Dottery

    Copyright ©2010 Richard Dottery


    Facing Problems


    You can face, any problem

    Any circumstance, that may confront you too

    If you walk by Faith, in Jesus Christ

    You’re not alone, God’s there with you,


    His Way, is True and Honest

    Overcoming all obstacles, in your way

    If you let Him lead, consult Him

    He’ll be with you, night and day,


    Nothing, can overcome you

    Or overwhelm you, if you see

    God in Christ, and Christ in you

    Loving, Caring, continually,


    Victory, is yours

    It is, absolutely guaranteed

    If you Have Christ, in your life

    And, unto His Will concede.


    Richard Dottery

    Copyright ©2010 Richard Dottery


     Faith, Hope and Patience


    Faith and Hope and Patience

    They all, work hand and hand

    As we find out, what is best for us

    In our life, with Christ, across this land,


    Quietly awaiting

    Upon the Lord, who Loves you so

    You can see, His best for you

    With His Grace and Strength, to help you go,


    Realize He Loves, and Listen

    And Trust, and then obey

    And you, will see Him working

    In your life, both night and day,


    Use faith and Hope and Patience

    While you quietly wait, upon Him clearly

    And you will find, His Best for you

    Sent down in LOVE, sincerely.


    Richard Dottery

    Copyright ©2010 Richard Dottery


    Fallen Man


    Fallen man, wicked heart

    Deceitful, look and see

    Without God’s Love, and Mercy

    Where would we, ever be,


    Jesus, paid the Price

    For our forgiveness, if we receive

    We get, His Redemption and His Cleansing

    So just Trust, and so Believe,


    Cleansing, changing, life anew

    Could be yours, today

    If you, just Trust and Follow

    He’s sure, to lead The Way,


    New Power, and New Strength

    And Grace, beyond belief, you’ll see

    If we just Trust, in Jesus Christ

    With Him, we’ll always be.


    Richard Dottery

    Copyright ©2010 Richard Dottery



    Family Love


    Family, has a special place

    In your life, if you are

    Loving, caring, like our Lord

    You’re better off, by far,


    Family Love, is lasting

    And very forgiving, too

    Family Love, can not be broken

    It’ll go on and on, with you,


    So nurture it, with patience

    It’s stronger, than you think

    This Family Love, goes on and on

    It’ll keep, your life in sink,


    Don’t let this world, affect it

    Don’t let outsiders, interfere

    Keep that Family Love, so strong

    Until, you’re outta here.


    Richard Dottery

    Copyright ©2010 Richard Dottery



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