My name is Rich Dottery. I have my faith and trust in Jesus Christ as my Lord and Savior. I am a born again Christian and not ashamed to say it. I am not perfect, just a sinner saved by the grace of a kind and loving God. I am made perfect by the cleansing blood of Jesus. So as I come into the presence of  Almighty God, Holy and Just. I am, in His sight pure and perfect and holy also. All because of the shed blood of Jesus Christ, who paid for all my sin. Past, present and future. I am married to the same woman for over 44 years, so I know what it takes to make a marriage work. H




Adam And Who?

God created Adam and Eve for each-others Love 

And companionship, cause Adam was lonely so

That they could  live together sharing 

In life's pleasures, as they go,

Eve was created from her mate 

From a rib God took, inside

Put them both together

For mutual companionship

And in deep love to abide,

Told them to live together

Sharing life and times, down here

Until the fall, life was pleasant

Without trouble, without fear,

One thing is very clear 

So remember it, err you go

It was Adam and Eve not Adam and Steve

That God put together and married, so,

Don't let the devil trick you 

Into excepting, what you know is not right

Cause the father of lies, has done it again

Taken something beautiful and making it into blight

No, it's not right for a man to be with a man

Intimately, and women as well

That's a lie that the devil has perpetrated

And you know, that's a lie of hell.

Richard Dottery

Copyright ©2010 Richard Dottery 


Be True


Love, the one you’ve chosen

Be faithful to your husband and your wife

Show Love and Compassion

Patience and Understanding, throughout your life,


Don’t be looking, around for another

Cause I tell you, clear and true

Though the grass, may look greener on the other side

It’s all the same, when it’s close to you,


So treat, this one you Love

As you would, be treated too

And make this union work

Between the two of you,


Cause if you seek another

Problems, will still arise

And then you’ll feel the same way again

Like taking a 2-by-4 between the eyes,


So let the Love, that you once had

On that wedding day, carry you through

And to, your Loving partner

Be Loving, Kind and True.


Richard Dottery

Copyright ©2001  Richard Dottery


Husband’s Love


Husbands, Love your wives

And treat them, with respect

Let them know, you love and care for them

And never, let them know neglect.


Keep them safe and happy

Always providing, for them well

Let Love, Patience and Tenderness

Be your forte, I do tell,


And overlook, the shortcomings

Of this one, you Love and care for

God has put you, in this place

And we know, that’s what you’re therefore,


So Love and Cherish, this your wife

Whom God has sent, a helpmate, here for you

And make her, your best friend

And your, life partner too.


Richard Dottery

Copyright ©2001 Richard Dottery

 &&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&Husbands And Wives

 Husbands And Wives


Lets worship God in heaven

Lets clap, and sing His praise

Cause He gave for us His Only Son

To guide us, all our days,


To forgive us all our sin

To make us, all that we can be

To be His new creation

So all, mankind could see,


His saving, changing power

Flowing thru, our very life

So each man, could be a good husband

And each, woman a good wife.


Richard Dottery

Copyright ©2010 Richard Dottery



 Wives & Husbands

Husbands, Love your wives

It’s God’s commandment, from His Word, I say

And wives, show them that same Love

Deep affectionate, it’s God’s way,


If you want, to have a good life

With God’s Blessings, all way through

You have to Love each other, with a caring heart

It’s the least, that you should do,


And Peace and Joy will follow

Into your marriage and your life

When in obedience to God’s Word

You live together, as loving husband and wife,


Just be kind and understanding

Always showing, that you care

Working to live in Peace and Harmony

So God will Bless, the two of you there.


Richard Dottery

Copyright ©2010 Richard Dottery



Husbands Love Your Wives


Husbands are told to love your wives

In a very special way

Just as Christ, loves the church

Now that's, special I say,


Wives are told to love there husbands

With a love that's just the same

Cause God considers marriage

A deep commitment, not simply a game,


Christ gave Himself, for His Church

Totally in every way

And that's the kind of dedication

Marriage should be, everyday,


With truth and kindness, faithfulness and honesty

Commitment and dedication

Can you just imagine, what this would do

For marriages, all across the nation,


So take that vow of marriage seriously

With the one, you love today

And be faithful, loving, kind and caring

For each other, every day, in every way,


Don't let this world affect you

Or your mutual love, along the way

Be faithful to each other and let true love abound

And fairness, be put in play.


Richard Dottery

Copyright ©2000 Richard Dottery


Husbands Love Your Wives


Husbands love your wives

With a love that's special and oh so true

A love between each other

That God, has given, to you two,


And wives love them the same

With patience and respect and care

So you two can live and be happy

While you're living together there,


Cause you need true love and caring

And respect and kindness too

And lots and lots of patience

To get along, together with you,


Keep the troubles outside

And the problems and the stress

Learn to live together

In joy and peace and happiness,


Seek God's Help and Patience

And Seek His Care and Love, for both of you

To help you to Be Happy

Finding Joy and peace, all the way through.


Richard Dottery

Copyright ©2010 Richard Dottery


 In Your Marriage


Be a giver, not a taker

In your marriage, every day

Let your love, for each other

Always guide you, to be that way,


Be always, kind and caring

No matter, come what may

Showing Love, with a giving heart

And patience, all the way,


Don’t get, into a competition

With the one, you Love and Care For

Just show them, that you Love them

And it’s them, you’ll always be therefore,


Life is so short, so live it

Together in Peace and Happiness too

And let the Love and Caring grow

With lots of Understanding, for each of you.


Richard Dottery

Copyright ©2001 Richard Dottery


 Make Love Not War


Make Love, not war

It's Godly advice, I say

I said Love, not sex

Get the message, here today,


Love is kind and caring

And forgiving, all the time

Love says to a husband-wife

I'm so glad, that you are mine,


Love is giving and forgiving

Slow to anger and slow to judgment, too

With lots of caring and patience

Always there, for you,


Love doesn't hold any grudges

It's full of peace and grace

And lots and lots of kindness

Keeping a smile upon your face.


Richard Dottery

Copyright ©2000 Richard Dottery


Make Your Marriage


Make your Marriage, a Loving Partnership

With caring, all way through

And let God, be the centerpiece

This Marriage, is His gift to you,


So enjoy it, and each other

The Love and Sharing, of your life

Being always tenderhearted and forgiving

With your husband or your wife,


Make your home, A Loving Place

A Sanctuary, set aside for the two of you

A Loving place, to raise a family

With Peace and Kindness, always coming through,


Let the two of you, BE ONE

As God ordained it, so to be


In Jesus Christ, your whole life is safe in HE.


Richard Dottery

Copyright ©2001 Richard Dottery


Make Your Marriage Work


Marriage is an institution

Ordained of God, you see

It's for a man and a woman

To share a life, to be happy,


If you want your marriage young man

To be pleasant and to work, for you and your wife

The very first thing you need to do, is

Make sure that Jesus, is in your life,


Fill your lives with peace and love

Let God fill you, with His joy

Be kind, patient, loving, forgiving

Don't try to be coy,


Make the cornerstone of your marriage

Jesus Christ, deep in your heart

So you'll enjoy your years together

Right from the very start,


Away with competition

Away with anger and all strife

Love and enjoy each other

And keep Jesus in your life.


Richard Dottery

Copyright ©2000 Richard Dottery


Man- Woman


Though some may tell you men and women

Are the same, just look around and see

No they're not, they're different

Different as they could be,


God created man to be loving and caring

Though not bent to details, you see

Women, even to be more loving and caring

Yet, lots more sensitive, let her be,


Science has discovered, men think with the right side

Of they're brain and reason with the same

Women think with the left, they have different

Thought patterns, even, a different aim,


So don't ever try to tell me that men

And women are alike, that they're the same

I know that God created man first

Then woman, to rid man's lonely pain,


The woman to be man's partner

Loving companion, helpmate, friend

His design was for man, to love her

And take care of her, until her life shall end,


So don't think this world is smarter

By changing the order of God, I say

It just leads to constant trouble

And confusion , day by day.


Richard Dottery

Copyright ©2000 Richard Dottery


Marriage Decision


Be careful making that marriage decision

Make that decision well

Put a lot of prayer and thought into it

It could keep you, from a living hell,


Get to know each other

About each other’s likes and dislikes, too

Check it out and see if you two

Can handle it when troubles come to you,


And if you see a red flag

Something that just irks you so

Deal with it, confront it, it will only get worse

As through your marriage you go,


Don't stick your head in the sand

This is your time, to see

If your love for each other can withstand and overcome

Life's daily troubles and controversy,


Be patient, be kind, be loving

Expect that, to come back to you

Cause you really need a strong relationship

For life's troubles, together, to get through,


So get to know each other

And make this decision right

Is this the one you wanna be with

Day after day and night after night.


Richard Dottery

Copyright ©2000 Richard Dottery


Marriage Help


Some marriages, it seems

Were just, not meant to be

But my God's a miracle worker

Get to know Him and you'll see,


He can change any circumstances

He can change them, wow, and how

He'll even give you a second chance

To review that marriage vow,


So if you have a marriage

That seems troubled and doomed to hell

My God can take, you two people

And that marriage and make it well,


Just give him a chance

Cause He Loves you, oh so much

He wants to renew and fix that marriage

Give it His Loving Touch,


But there is some things

You have to do as a husband and a wife

Get to Know and Trust In Jesus Christ

And God will change your life,


He'll fill you with His Morals

His Love and His Awesome Care

He'll teach you to Love each other

And with respect and patience, to be fair,


So give God a chance to Save That Marriage

And put His Love within

He'll put His Holy Spirit in your life

Help your marriage, while forgiving, all your sin,


Of course you must be willing to work at it

As God, leads you to

Cause He will Breath Real Life into your marriage

While He Breaths it, into you.


Richard Dottery

Copyright ©2000 Richard Dottery


Marriage Is


Marriage is an institution

That God ordained, to be

A union, of a man and woman

These two, in Love, you see,


The woman, to be man’s Helpmate

His Love and his Best Friend

And the man, to Love her, just the same

With a Love, that will never end,


In Patience and in Kindness

Let these, two Lovers be

Devoted to each other

In Trust, and Perfect Harmony,


And let them build, a Family

And make, a Home of Love, for all to see

Two united, in God’s Love

With Caring and Tenderness, always first to be.


Richard Dottery

Copyright ©2001 Richard Dottery


Marriage Is A Force For Good


Marriage is a force for good

And happiness in your life, today

When you live in it

In joy and peace, as God intended it, I say,


Be patient and understanding

Loving, kind, and forgiving

And in love and peace with kindness

Just share, the life you're living,


Don't have-to change the other

Don't have-to make them be like you

Just be loving, caring and understanding

With them, whatever they may do,


Always give more then you take

Cause that's what real love, does involve

And you'll see your marriage working

And the problems being solved,


So to make your marriage happy

Fill it with love and caring too

And patience and understanding

Which God will gladly, give to you.


Richard Dottery

Copyright ©2000 Richard Dottery


Marriage IS


Marriage is much more than just

A peace of paper, I tell you true

It’s a deep, Loving commitment

Between, the Two of you,


Ordained by GOD and set in motion, with Love

And patience and understanding clearly

It’s a life long, Loving Commitment

Between God and the Two of, sincerely,


So don’t let this world, or the outside pressures

Ever affect the way you treat each other

Keep your Love pure and untainted

Special, just for one another,


Be tenderhearted and kind and caring

Always let your best show through

And keep GOD, front and center

He’ll always, be there for you.


Richard Dottery

Copyright ©2001 Richard Dottery


Marriage Joy And Peace


Married people, Let the marriage

To your husband and your wife

Be a time of joy and peace

Be the highlight of your life,


Let it be a time of happiness

That you both share down here, I say

Don't let things get in-between you two

And separate you, along the way,


Instead be strong, in The Lord

And together walk with Him

Then you'll find real peace and joy

And forgiveness for all your sin,


So push the world aside, make it you

And your partner and God, everyday

And you'll find your marriage will work

And the Love of God ,will guide you, on your way,


And keep your home a sanctuary

Keep the world and the devil out of the way

Let it be a place of peace and joy and love

Together, every single day.


Richard Dottery

Copyright ©2000 Richard Dottery





Marriage and Love, go hand and hand

You can't separate the two

Just like patience and understanding

They all, can help you through,


Yet you have to be a giver

Like our Lord and Saviour, above

Cause that's, a very important component

Of that marriage Love,


You can not change your partner

To make them, be like you

But if you deeply, Love each other

You can always, work things through,


You've gotta have commitment

And a desire to make, this work out for you

Make Love and dedication, the overriding force

Don't ever, criticize as you do


And God will surely help you

Cause He ordained it, this I know

Just seek His help, through Jesus Christ

And Love each other so.


Richard Dottery

Copyright ©2000 Richard Dottery


Marriage love


There is a Marriage Love

It's more Special than all the rest

It's supposed to be life-lasting

With kindness, patience and finesse,


It's a Love unlike the world's love

Of lust, desire and passion

It's a Love between two people that God has joined

In absolute beautiful fashion.


It's a Love for your life-long partner

Help-mate and yet dear friend

It's a Love that should be unmovable

Unchangeable until life's end,


It's a Love that's kind and giving

And forgiving, too

It's a Love that's always growing

And living inside of you,


It's a Love that's deep, affectionate

Like no other here on earth

It's to be like Christ's Love for His Church

Which He had, long before His Birth,


Which of course is not affected

By daily circumstances, ebbs and tides

It's a Love that just goes on and on 

And continually abides,


Nothing can ever change it

Nothing can tear it down

Cause it's from Our God Above

And it's, on solid ground,


So you see, the Marriage Love is So Special

And God, the giver, too

If you don't have this Love for each other

God can give it, both to you,


Cause divorce was never intended for man

In God's master plan

Only because of mans sinful hardened heart

God allowed it, yet to stand,


So husbands Love your wives

With a Special Love from God Above

And wives Love them the same

Never changing, never ending, Love.


Richard Dottery

Copyright ©2000 Richard Dottery 


Marriage Should Be


Marriage, should be a time of

Peace, Love, Caring and Good Cheer

Not a time of misery or trouble

For you two, down here,


Make it work, through Love

Through Kindness, Caring too

Being Patient and Forgiving

With your partner, there with you,


And follow God’s example

This is, His institution

Let Him lead and guide you through it

In times of trouble, always seeing His solution,


And be tenderhearted, with each other

Always with Love and Care

Let them know, you Love them

And you’re glad, to have them there,


Turn the other cheek

And don’t always, expect them to think like you

Just let LOVE have the preeminence

In everything you do.


Richard Dottery

Copyright ©2001 Richard Dottery


Marriages Can Work


You can make most marriages work

If you work together, Two

Being Loving, Kind, Patient, Forgiving

Just as God is to me and you,


Love and respect each other

Give more that you do take

It's not easy to make it work today

But you can for Jesus Sake,


Don't be mean, nasty or picky

Don't be objectionable about everything

Instead try to keep peace with the one you love

The one whose wearing your wedding ring,


Give, Give,  Give

It's such an important thing, I say

Cause real true love

Makes you want to give and give more, everyday.


Richard Dottery

Copyright ©2000 Richard Dottery


That Marriage Vow


When you take that marriage vow, keep it

In faithfulness, be always true

And let your partner know

That they mean, so much to you,


In patience, show your kindness

And your tenderheartedness too

Always doing for the other

Things loving and pleasing, all way through,


And be there to encourage and help them

Being a good listener too

Show them you care deeply for them

And I’m sure they’ll be there for you,


Never be a nagger or a complainer

Who needs, a friend like that

Just be understanding and patient

Don’t act like a spoiled brat,


Love, honor and cherish each other

In sickness and in health, be there

And when there’s misunderstandings and problems

Just show, that you love and care.


Richard Dottery

Copyright ©2001 Richard Dottery


Your Wife


How can you say, you Love your wife

When you’re not kind and caring, every day

Let her, see your affection

And be assured, that your Love is here to stay,


Treat her as an equal

As a partner, friend and helpmate too

That’s the way, God has ordained it

For the two of you,


Let those who enter, into your home

Or see, you two together in your life

Witness True Love and Caring

Between a husband and a wife,


Make her a cherished treasure

As your Love for her, exudes from you

In Patience and in tenderheartedness

Let God guide you thru.


Richard Dottery

Copyright ©2001 Richard Dottery
























































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