The following are a group of poems written by      Richard Dotterty.

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Thanks, May god bless you as you read!! Enjoy


A Message


God has given me, a message

Clearly, it’s for you

You are loved, beyond compare

Listen, this is true,


He loves, you so very much

Gave His Son, came down to earth to be

Your Savior, Redeemer, Friend

Come Trust Him, and you’ll see,


Love, like you have never known

You are, His prize creation

Give Him, Praise and Glory

Find in Him, Peace and Joy, and True Elation,


Receive Him, Trust Him, Believe on Him

He’s your Savior, your Lord, so let Him be

And you will see Him, face to face

All throughout, eternity.


Richard Dottery

Copyright ©2010 Richard Dottery


 A Home’s, Most Important Things

May this new home, be a place

Of Love and Kindness, for you all

May Peace and Joy, be prominent

And in Rest and Comfort, may you stand tall,


May Christ, and all your family

Find a place, to dwell and to be

At one, with each other

May your eyes be opened, as you see,


The more important things, in life

Are not the ones, that are outside

They’re the things that are, in our heart

And with whom, we do abide,


Keep Christ the center, of your life

And of your family, and home too

He is the reason, for you existence

And He gives in Love, good things, unto you,


So enjoy your new home, together

And may peace and joy, be found throughout

May you keep your priorities, all in line

And may the most important things, be found out.


Richard Dottery

Copyright ©2010 Richard Dottery


A Home of Love


Make your house, a home of love

For all, who enter in to see

A place where lots of love and caring

Are always, first priority,


Make it a Place of Peace

With Rest for all of you

And keep the devil out

Even if, that’s all you do,


Make it a place where from the world

You all, can get away

And leave the world out

Don’t let it in, I say,


And make it, a place for you

A Sanctuary, True

A place of Love and Peace and Joy

And Rest, In Jesus, for all of you.


Richard Dottery

Copyright ©2010 Richard Dottery


A Little Christian LOVE


Sometimes, just a smile

With a little Christian Love, you see

Tells, someone in trouble

You can have God’s Love and Peace, like me,


Just a little Christian Love

Flowing on out from You

Tells someone who’s hurting

I really do care, I do,


And when, one is broken hearted

And life, seems to have gotten them troubled so

They need, some encouragement and some Love

So they, can get back up and go,


A smile, a hug, a helping hand

Can just be, what they need

So long as it’s wrapped, in God’s Love

A rewarding, Christian deed,


So don’t keep it, to yourself

This Love of Jesus, inside of you

Let it flow out, like a river

Helping and Encouraging, others too.


Richard Dottery

Copyright ©2010 Richard Dottery


A Little Love


Sometimes a little hug

Can heal a weary soul

Sometimes just a little smile

Can make another whole,


Cause this world is full of meanness

And nastiness all day

But we have The Love Of Jesus

Which can chase that all away,


So let the whole world see God's Love

Flowing, from deep within your heart

Cause all that meanness and nastiness

Hurts like a fiery dart,


So let the Love Of Jesus

A Hug, a Word, a Smile,

Show them you are different

And you have been for awhile,


Cause it may help, a troubled one

To know someone cares about there soul

Someone who wants to help them

And see them again, made whole,


So don't think a little kindness

Is just too little to show

It can restore someone's confidence

As on thru life they go,


Cause even money can't buy One Kindness

It can't buy Peace within Ones Soul

Only Jesus Christ Can Restore Peace

Bring Forgiveness and Make One Whole.


Richard Dottery

Copyright ©2010 Richard Dottery


A Little Love


Don't be afraid, to tell God

I need a hug, today

I know, you'll feel His embrace

Around you, right away,


Cause He, really truly loves us

And He cares, for you and me

And He wants us, to be happy and content

And at peace, with Him, you see,


So reach out and touch, Almighty God

Express your love for Him, along the way

And you'll see, He's always be there for you

Reciprocating, I everyday,


Just stay real close, walk with Him

Let Him lead and guide you, daily through

Tell Him that you love Him also

And you'll here Him say, I Love You too.


Richard Dottery

Copyright ©2010 Richard Dottery


 A Little Smile


Just a little smile

Can uplift, someone's day

Just a little kind word

Can help them, on their way,


Cause while ones feeling, unhappy

And while ones feeling, sad

They need some Christ Centered Love

To restore that joy, they once had,


So show a little kindness

And show a little cheer

Uplift a soul that's down-hearted

Just show them, you are here,


Cause sometimes, all one needs

To get back, on the track

Is just, a little smile or a hug

Or a little pat, on the back,


Cause the love we have, inside of us

Is come down, from God above

It's Higher than, this world's love

It's a Giving, Caring Love,


So show, a little kindness

Show God's Love, across this land

Cause our Saviour, gives it to us

It's Free, it's Mighty, it's Grand.


Richard Dottery

Copyright ©2010 Richard Dottery


 A Little Venom


Just a little drop, of poisonous venom

From a snake, or spider so

Can stop, the largest man

Can just take your life, and go,


But venom, can come from elsewhere

From a fellow man, or woman’s word

Can be, just as deadly, as the snake

In case, you haven’t heard,


It starts, in an evil heart

Them proceeds on through the tongue

Words of gossip, hatred, lying

The character assignation bell, has been rung,


Poison, flowing from the lips

Can be venom filled, and deadly

Just as, the other venom

It can kill, so very readily.

Richard Dottery

Copyright ©2 010Richard Dottery



A Lot Less Stress


We have a lot less stress, in our life

When we Trust in God, and Pray

When we turn things, over to Him

We can be assures, that all, will work out OK,


Because He cares, so much for us

His every act, is bathed in Love

And so He sends, to us, good things

His Blessings, from above,


He tells us, don’t be anxious

Don’t be troubled, or full of fear

Just Ask and Trust, Believing

And know, that He will hear,


And as He hears, He’ll answer

And bring, good things to you

All that’s good and right

And be sure, to Bless you too.


Richard Dottery

Copyright ©2010 Richard Dottery


A Marriage Vow


For richer, for poorer

For better, for worse

Should be a marriage

Blessing, instead of a curse,


To love and to cherish

To honor, all three

Should just make things

Better and loving, you see,


To have and to hold

So close and so near

Should be embracing

With kindness, not generate fear,


To be lawful and wedded

Both husband and wife

Should mean forever

At least, all through life,


To keep to each other

Till death do you part

Giving and taking

But, all from the heart,


Is this the vow

That together you took

Before each other

God and man, take a look,


Keep it and try it again

For both your sake

It's a vow of yours, before god

So don't you ever, dare to brake.


Richard Dottery

Copyright ©2010 Richard Dottery


A New Baby


A new baby is God’s way

To send unto you and me in Love

A life you have created

Along with help from above,


Beautiful and vibrant

All fresh and all anew

This little life so precious

God has entrusted unto you,


So trusting and dependant

This ones survival is in your hand

Just imagine if we learned so well

To trust Our Lord, wouldn’t that be grand,


So enjoy your newborn baby

This gift God has given, true

Take care of it and nourish it

As God wants to do for me and you.


Richard Dottery

Copyright ©2010 Richard Dottery


 A New Body


There are, all different kinds of bodies

Though they all seem, to be just a shell

For, our soul and spirit

And for us, all to dwell,


Even, every tiny little seed, has a body

It is it’s shell, look and see

For all, of it's being

To dwell within, and be,


So you see, the body of a seed

Is, it's outer shell of sorts

But it is, no comparison to ours

No doubt bout that, you can bypass the courts,


God gave us bodies, and distributed them

As it pleased Him, at His Will

And what you got, is what you get

And what you're living with, today still,


Even fish, have a kind of flesh

Equipped for water, you know so

Yet man, is made much more superior

Though still limited, where he can go,


There's another, flesh of beasts

And birds too, have their own

To live and dwell, upon this earth

Cause heaven's not there home,


But one day, when Our Saviour

Returns to earth for us, who He Loves so

God will change, this corruptible to incorruptible

Eternally, and off to heaven, we’ll go.


Richard Dottery

Copyright ©2010 Richard Dottery


A New Creature


If anyone, be in Christ

The Bible, makes it clear

He is a whole new creature, with a whole new life

Which starts, today and here,


Old things, you once enjoyed

Like the pleasures of sin, I say

They've all gone, by the wayside

And they've, all passed away,


You have, been Born Again

With a life, that's all anew

And God, your Heavenly Father, will daily

Lead and guide you, and show you what to do,


Your sins, have been forgiven

And you're a Saint of God, I say

You're an Heir of God, Joint Heir with Jesus

Heavenly Angels, are rejoicing today,


Cause you see, All Of God's Angels

Rejoice in Heaven, God's Word is clear

Whenever any soul, repents and receives

Jesus Christ as Lord and Saviour, down here.


Richard Dottery

Copyright ©2010 Richard Dottery


A Paradox


I am dead with Christ, yet I live

A paradox of sorts, you see

Yet it's not I that live, but Christ

Living in, and thru me,


And this life, I live in the flesh

Which is how, you see me now

I live by the faith, of the Son of God

Who Loved me and gave Himself for me, wow,


I'm alive, and living a new life

In Christ, my Saviour, you gotta see

My whole life, is being changed

Because of Christ's Spirit within me,


I was buried with Him, in Baptism

Raised to live in newness of life, with Him

He does all the hard work

With His Holy Spirit dwelling within,


So maybe my life

Is a paradox of sorts

But with Christ living in me and thru me

I won't have to face, God's judgment courts.


Richard Dottery

Copyright ©2000 Richard Dottery




There's a party, that's been planned

By our Lord, so long ago

It's a Marriage Feast of Our Lord, The Lamb

And we the Church, who He Loves so,


There is one thing, that I know

And I know it for sure, here today

None will be tardy for this Party

Cause our Lord's, coming to get us on that day,


And He'll take us all, up with Him

Where forever, we will be

With Our God and Our Lord and Saviour

From then on, throughout eternity,


So rejoice, and keep your eyes toward Heaven

And give Him daily Praise and Glory

For His salvation and His Love for us

The Blessed Gospel Story.


Richard Dottery

Copyright ©2010 Richard Dottery
































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