Marriage poems

Husbands And Wive
Lets worship God in heave
Lets clap
And sing His praise
Cause He gave for us His Only Son
To guide us, all our days,
To forgive us all our sin
To make us all
That we can be
To be His new creation
So all
Mankind could see,
His saving, changing power
Flowing thru
Our very life
So each man could be
A good husband
And each woman a good wife.
Richard Dottery
Copyright ©2000 Richard Dottery


How To Love
You gotta know how to Love
There is a way you know
True love is so much deeper
It holds you tight and lets you go,
True Love is oh so caring
Giving to one another, in a flow
Overlooking failures and shortcomings
Forgiving also as you go,
True Love doesn’t hold grudges
Forgets what is not good
Concentrates upon the positive
As a true Lover, always should,
True Love can say, I’m sorry
Even if the faults not clear
Being there for one another
Whenever harm is near,
True Love, needs to be nourished
Just like a growing tree
True Love is everlasting
Is true Love inside of thee.
Richard Dottery
Copyright ©2007 Richard Dottery


That Marriage Commitment
Look unto The Word of God
Until death do you part
That’s God’s Marriage Commitment
Think, as you follow your smitten heart,
It’s not a short commitment
It’s for the rest of your mortal life
For a man or woman in God’s presence
To Choose for them a loving husband- wife,
So consider as you make your plans
Is this, the one God’s chose for me
Cause if you want God’s blessings
It’s the way it has to be,
Happiness will follow
When the one you choose is right
You won’t mind that commitment
When your joy and pleasure is out of sight.
Richard Dottery
Copyright ©2007 Richard Dottery 

God has predetermined
Things He deems, best for you
But you have to do your part
Surrender to His Will, I tell you true,
It sure will take some courage
Some strength and some denying
Some things we need to put aside
God’s Word, needs some applying,
Some giving up of self
Just Trusting Christ, Learning to Follow
That’s the only Way to have God’s Best
All else is empty and so hollow,
Dying unto self
Learning to let go and let God, each and every day
Will make you all you ought to be
In JESUS CHRIS, you’ll find THE WAY.
Richard Dottery
Copyright ©2007 Richard Dottery


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 Where Does It Come From

Where does it ever come from
This evil that we see
Don’t tell me, that is from
The Spirit of Christ in thee,
He’s loving and He’s caring
So that could never be
No evil found within Him
God’s Word is Pure you see,
He does not tempt with evil
Nor can He ever do it, it is sin
God’s Word says oh so clearly
Only Truth and Honesty dwells within,
So if you reject the evil and the evil one
And receive Jesus Christ you’ll see
God will  keep you from all evil
As you live and dwell in HE.
Richard Dottery
Copyright ©2007 Richard Dottery


Relax and Trust
Oh Give Praise unto The Lord God
In good times and in bad
Know how much He Loves you
Best friend you’ve ever had,
Bless Him in the morning
And at the noon-time give Him Praise
He inhabits all our PRAISE
The Ancient of all Days,
Learn to Walk and Trust Him
Never doubt nor fear
Look around and you will see
He’s always, oh so near,
Look on past the problem
And through the trouble see
God in Christ is your source
Richard Dottery
Copyright ©2007 Richard Dottery


On The Edge
Walking on the edge
Free from all wrong and sin
Just skirting around the evil
Is that the condition, you are in,
Never catch you sinning
Looks like you always do what’s right
But could this be deception
Walking on the edge, both day and night,
A dirty joke, you close your ears
Or at least, it appears to be so
Justifying slight infractions
Walking on the edge, you go,
Who are you really fooling
God knows your actions and your heart
If you really Love and want to please Him
Now is the perfect time to start.
Richard Dottery
Copyright ©2007 Richard Dottery

The strength that we all need
To obey God above
Needs to come to us from Him
It is sent through Christ in Love,
His Life was the key
And the pattern of it is so true
Showing what is in the heart
Surely will come through,
Jesus shows The Way
He even sets the pace
For obedience unto The Father
As we enjoy His Love and Grace,
The Spirit deep within
Leading, guiding all The Way
Unto and through obedience
God’s Will being done each night and day.
Richard Dottery
Copyright ©2007 Richard Dottery





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